Japanezoom is a website for watching original short films related to Japanese culture and sub-cultures. [Japan * original short films * 'Kawaii' & 'Kakkoii']

Japan has variety of unique cultures and sub-cultures…and not just the stereotypical things like samurai, cars, cameras, karate…
One such sub-culture we'd like to introduce is "kawaii culture".
Meaning "cute" in Japanese, "kawaii" touches on so many aspects of life in Japan : trends, fashion, food, pretty girls (and boys!), and even the arts.
If you're interested in any of these things, you gotta check out Japanezoom!

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    Nakamura Art & Jyoshikousei

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    Nakamura Art Chapter1

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    Nakamura Art Chapter2

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    The Art of Hiroshi Kobata chapter1

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    The Art of Hiroshi Kobata chapter2

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    The Art of Hiroshi Kobata chapter3




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